Batuhan Sevimo

Batuhan Sevimo, born in Istanbul on March 27, 1995, is a singer-songwriter. He studied at Saint Patrick’s College and Gympie and Nişantaşı Anadolu High School. Those years, he slowly stepped into the stage life with the cover bands he founded. He received his first musical education with classes on song writing and stage performance at the Australian Institute of Country Music. Upon returning from Australia as exchange student, he took responsibility of writing all of the songs for their Acoustic EP album that their Wine Red group released. Later, he concentrated on working as a solo artist. While only at the age of 17, he had the opportunity to work with R&B artist Chris Ballin, for his single that he wrote and composed. Ballin is known for doing vocals with names like Leona Lewis, Travis and David Gilmour. On the other hand, he continued to write and publish Turkish songs. When he turned 20, he signed a record deal with DMC.

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