Ozan Doğulu
Born in Istanbul on January 13, 1972, he got acceptance into the piano department of the Conservatory in 1976. He was awarded the prize of “musician of the year” in an event held at the Sports and Exhibition Center, when he was only six.
This award also heralded a bright career. At the age of 8, he joined the children’s choir of the Turkish Radio and Television. At 12, he started to give piano lessons at the Yurdaer Dogulu Arts Center founded by his father.
At the age of 14, flying solo without his father for the first time, he joined Cetin Calisir’s Orchestra to accompany Erol Buyukburc. He was also admitted into Saint Michel High School. He was took part in the Eurovision Band in 1989. He took flute and guitar classes while attending the conservatory. When he first started doing arrangements, he worked on the album “Ankara’dan Abim Geldi” by the band Grup Gundogarken and also began to write songs for other musicians.
In 1993, he produced his brother Kenan Dogulu’s first album, “Yaparim Bilirsin.” He worked on concerts and albums with many musicians such as Zülfü Livaneli, Kayahan, Tarkan, Sertap Erener, Gloria Gaynor, and Sarah Brightman. Performing as the head of orchestra for Sezen Aksu, one of the divas of Turkish pop music, Ozan Dogulu created nearly 2000 songs as well as many jingles and movie scores.
Ozan Dogulu is actively working as a producer, songwriter, arranger, pianist and DJ.
Having launched his dance album 130 bpm in June of 2010 after a long period of painstaking work, Ozan Dogulu sat on top of the charts for months. Ozan Dogulu is one of the top-selling DJ-producers who brought this genre under the limelight in Turkey.

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