She is also famous with “Superstar” and “Diva”. Firstly, Ajda Pekkan who made her entry into entertainment realm for her art carrier as movie actress, after her first record “Göz, Göz Değdi Bana” (=Somebody looked unkind to me) released as B-Side, her first 45 vinyl “Her Yerde Kar Var” (= “Tombe La Neige” by Adamo) got all likes on it, so she found herself in the music world. With a howling success of her album “Superstar” released in 1977, she became “the Superstar” of Turkey. After that album, she released 3 albums more, as “Superstar” so far. At her singing career, with her songs such as “Kimler Geldi Kimler Geçti” (So many, so many have gone with, “Bambaşka Biri” (Someone, Completely Different), “Hoşgör Sen” (Hey You! A little bit Tolerance, please…) and “Uykusuz Her Gece” (No Sleep a Wink, Every Night…) made a major role in Turkish music history.

With the suggestions of The Ministry of Cultural Affairs in 33rd Turkish Government, honored title of being an “Art Person Privileged by State” is awarded to her in 1998, and also took place in many concerts both domestic and abroad. She sang her songs in many languages like in English, French, Italian, Arabic and Japanese language beside to in Turkish. Ajda Pekkan is also known as “Turkish Pop Music Diva” in nation-wide.


Ajda Pekkan (1968)
Fecri Ebcioğlu Presents:Ajda Pekkan (1969)
Ajda Pekkan Vol. III (1972)
Süperstar (1977)
Pour Lui (1978)
Süperstar II (1979)
Sen Mutlu Ol (1981)
Sevdim Seni (1982)
Süperstar III (1983)
Ajda Pekkan ve Beş Yıl Önce On Yıl Sonra (1985)
Süperstar IV (1997)
Ajda (1990)
Seni Seçtim (1991)
Ajda 93 (1993)
Ajda Pekkan (1996)
Cool Kadın (2006)
Aynen Öyle (2008)
Farkın Bu (2011)
Ara Sıcak (ft. Ozan Çolakoğlu) (2013)
Ajda Pekkan & Muazzez Abacı (2014)

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