She entered to ballet department at Istanbul University, State Conservatory in 1983. She, for 12 years long has danced at school shows and at miscellaneous artworks of Contemporary Ballet Society as soloist and as corps de ballet dancer. She studied with valuable trainers and choreographers such as Figen Yücel, Vecihi Ofluoğlu, Cem Ertekin, Marion-Yener Durukan, Valentina Sobseva, Ludmilla Marazova, Ramazan Bapov. After she earned the Associate Degree, she transferred to Theater section. She was one of the star students of Yıldız Kenter and Haldun Dormen. She graduated in 1999.

Within the years of 1994-1996 she took roles in many commercial shootings.

In year 1996, playing “Emine” character in a scenario of a novel entitled as “Yaban”, a famous literature artwork written by Yakup Kadri Karaosmanoğlu that is transformed into a scenario by Ziya Öztan such a movie, with lead role actor Aytaç Arman, under the directivities of Nihat Durak became hers first experience in movie sector. With this role, she is awarded with “The Best Associate Lady Actress Award” at the “ 10th Adana Golden Coccoon Film Festival”, aka Altın Koza.

The well-known TV Series “Kara Melek” , (=Black Angel) which is started in 1997 and became one of the series having the utmost watching ratings in Turkish TV history is a major milestone for Sanem Çelik. The “Yasemin Saylan” character she played became one of the best of “the Worst character!” i.e. the most famous “kötü – Notorious” character so far, in Turkish televisions. Turkey was acquainted with Sanem at this TV series and Sanem shared “the Best Lady Actress Award” that is granted by Magazine Journalists Association, with Perran Kutman.

With the Directorship of Haldun Dormen, accompanying to Melih Kibar’s compositions and piano artworks of Çigdem Talu, Sanem accomplished the choreography of “Selam” Musical and danced, played and sang…

In years 1999-2000 she made dubbing for animation movies.
She, in year 2000, was awarded with “The Best Lady Actress Award” with a Dervis Zaim’s film entitled “Filler ve Çimen” (Elephants & Grass) in which she played the Adam & Eve character.
Furthermore, with the same film, she’d been elected as “The Best Lady Actress” in five different contests within years of 2000-2001. Meanwhile she was at the theater stages with worthy names such as Volkan Severcan, Salih Kalyon in “Hangisi Karısı” (Which Wife?) which is a screenplay of Ray Cooney and played in Dormen Theater.

In year 2002, she took part in juries at 13th Orhan Murat Arıburnu Film Festival. She joined to picture drawing courses for pencil drawing lessons.

In year 2003, in a documentary named “Hititler” (=Hittites) written and directed by Tolga Örnek, she played a role with Haluk Bilginer, played as “Queen Puduhepa”.

She, again was in front of her fans at Atv TV channel with a TV series called “Aliye” , that’s production was burdened by TMC corporation. This series having a rich cast like Halit Ergenç, Nejat İşler, Ayla Algan drew big interest by the audiences.

At four different contests she won “The Best Lady Actress” and “The Best Lady TV series Actress” awards. And at this year she is offered to take part in a play “Hangisi Karısı” (Which Wife), a real farce play, but this time, is offered by “Nedim Saban Tiyatrokare”. She is nominated for “Afife Tiyatro Ödülleri” (Afife Theater Awards) in Mary Smith Character.

She was again on the silver screen with a movie in 2005: Ayın Karanlık Yüzü“ (= The Dark Side of the Moon. At this movie, written by Metin Belgin, directed by Biket İlhan, she shared the leading role with the master actors like Memet Ali Alabora, Ali Poyrazoğlu. In 2005, she stepped into Motor Sports World and she raced car on the race-track, and won a degree.

In 2006, after the last season of TV Series “Aliye” she flew to L.A in the States.
There, she participated in courses and workshops/studios for various kinds of art studies.
She returned back to Turkey in 2008 and; with TMC production, was in front of the cameras once again, for shooting the series “Güldünya” (= a Character).

In 2012, after 17 years that she performed her first dance, she danced for the benefit of “Turkey’s Education Volunteers Foundation” in a show entitled “Istanbul” at Shaman Dance Theater.
In 2013, she imposed “Filiz” role in a Derviş Zaim’s movie entitled “Balık” (=The Fish) sharing the leading role with Bülent İnal, this movie’s shooting completed in Bursa.
Again, in the same year, she played a German Police, Ulrike in “Bahzat Ç. Ankara Yanıyor” (=Behzat Ç., Ankara on Fire) movie directed by Serdar Akar, sharing the leading role with the popular actors like Erdal Besikcioglu, Nejat Isler. She took a role in a series “İnadına Yaşamak” (=Still Surviving, Never Surrender) under the production of “Süreç Film”.

The movie “Balık” (The Fish) came out in Istanbul in September 17, 2014.

1996    : Yaban (A novel by Yakup Kadri Karaosmanoğlu) (Nihat Durak), as Emine role
2000    : Filler ve Çimen (Elephants & Grass) (by Derviş Zaim), (Eve&Adam) role
2002    : Children of Secret (Ümit Cin Güven, Aydın Sayman), Guest star
2005    : The Dark side of the Moon (Biket İlhan), “Meryem” role
2013    : Behzat Ç. Ankara Yanıyor (Ankara on Fire) (Serdar Akar), as Ulrike
2014    : Balık (The Fish) (Derviş Zaim), Filiz Osmanoğlu


1997-99 : Kara Melek (Black Angel) (Uğur Erkir, Dilek Gökçin, Türkan Derya, Yasemin Saylan)
2000       : Kör Talih (Bad Luck) (Tamer İpek), as “Cayze Hatun”
2002       : My Lovely Husband (Erden Kıral, Hakan Gürtop, Banu Berke)
2003      : Günahım Neydi Allah’ım (God, What was my Sin?) (Ümit Ünal), as Semiha
2004-06  : Aliye (Kudret Sabancı), Aliye Adıvar
2008-09  : Güldünya (Ömür Atay), Gizem Özsoy
2013      : İnadına Yaşamak (Still Surviving, Never Surrender) (Serdar Akar), Zeynep
2015-06  : Eşkiya Dünyaya Hükümdar Olmaz (Nothing Worthful for such a World…)

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